BioBlitz! Oklahoma

Meet the Experts - Mark Howery, ornithologist

November 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Meet the Experts - Mark Howery, ornithologist
Show Notes

In this "Meet the Expert" Episode, BioBlitz! OK co-coordinator, Priscilla Crawford, chats with Mark Howery, one of our BioBlitz! OK ornithologists who leads bird walks during our events.  Mark is a bird expert, but also covers a variety of fauna for his job as the senior wildlife diversity biologist at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - which sounds like a dream job to many BioBlitzers!  Learn what that job is like day to day and hear about Mark's background that led him to being one of the state's most knowledgeable wildlife biologists.  

Mark mentions a new dragonfly book by BioBlitz! experts Brenda Smith and Michael Patten: Dragonflies at a Biogeographical Crossroads: The Odonata of Oklahoma and Complexities Beyond Its Borders.  You can get your own copy at this LINK!

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