BioBlitz! Oklahoma

Meet the Experts - Amy Buthod, botanist

January 07, 2021 Priscilla Crawford Season 1 Episode 8
BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Meet the Experts - Amy Buthod, botanist
Show Notes

Happy New Year Everyone! 
Priscilla Crawford, conservation biologist with the Oklahoma Biological Survey, and Angelina Stancampiano, Oklahoma State Park Senior Naturalist, co-host this podcast, an extension of our BioBlitz! Oklahoma events.  Now we can celebrate Oklahoma's biodiversity with you all year round!  

In this "Meet the Expert" Episode, Priscilla chats with Amy Buthod, our Plant Team Leader for BioBlitz! OK.   She is our go-to botanist when we have plant identification questions or need an expert botanist in the field.  She tallies the plant list for our fall BioBlitzes and verifies the identification of all of our iNaturalist plant observations.   Join us as we talk about what it is like to be a professional botanist and what excites her about working in Oklahoma!  

We are working on new episodes of "Meet the Experts," "Ask the Experts," and "Join the Experts."  We are also going to start highlighting Oklahoma State Parks to inspire you to visit and explore these amazing natural areas.    

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This podcast is a project of BioBlitz! Oklahoma, an outreach program of the Oklahoma Biological Survey at the University of Oklahoma.