BioBlitz! Oklahoma

Meet the Experts - José Montalva, bee expert

February 18, 2021 Priscilla Crawford Season 1 Episode 12
BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Meet the Experts - José Montalva, bee expert
Show Notes

In this "Meet the Expert" Episode, Priscilla chats with bee expert José Montalva.  You would never guess that a being on the college free diving team in Chile would lead him to a career in bees! We hope this episode can distract you from the blast of winter we have been experiencing and that our conversation has you dreaming about warm spring days, buzzing bees, and flower pollination. 

We learn so much bee biology from José every time we talk!  You can read more about his work on his website and by following him on twitter.    

Research website
The Bee Hunter's Diaries
Salvemos Nuestro Abejorro
Article from the Guardian (UK) about his work with the Giant Bumble Bee
Pictures Gallery of the OKC Zoo bees
Twitter @josemmontalva

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We hope you have time to step outside today (or maybe this week just watch from your window!) and explore Oklahoma's amazing biodiversity.  Remember, you can find biodiversity right outside your door.