BioBlitz! Oklahoma

Meet the Experts - Crys Davis, bryologist

March 11, 2021 Priscilla Crawford Season 1 Episode 13
BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Meet the Experts - Crys Davis, bryologist
Show Notes

In this "Meet the Expert" Episode, Priscilla chats with our BioBlitz! OK moss expert, Crys Davis.  They talk about how amazing mosses are, what we love most about BioBlitz!OK, and how her super rugged wheelchair allows her to explore nature and have a fun BioBlitz! experience.

The link to the company that makes her chair is here:
GRIT Freedom Chair 

In our next episode, Angelina and I will be talking all about how to participate in our Spring BioBlitz! OK, using iNaturalist, eBird, and Budburst.  We talk about the activity schedules, observation challenges, and the prizes you can earn by participating!  So get ready for the Spring BioBlitz! Happening during the entire month of April!  Details are also on our website! 

BioBlitz! Oklahoma Links are:
Facebook page – BioBlitz! Oklahoma
Twitter @okbioblitz

This podcast is a project of Oklahoma State Parks and BioBlitz! Oklahoma, an outreach program of the Oklahoma Biological Survey at the University of Oklahoma. 

We hope you have time to step outside today and explore Oklahoma's amazing biodiversity.  Remember, you can find biodiversity right outside your door.